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Entering the Basilica

How to get there

Please note there is no Vatican tax on public transport to and from St. Peter's Basilica and the surrounding areas of Vatican City.

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Logistics and assistance

A cloakroom service is available after the State Police controls.

In the cloakroom area, there are also washrooms and lifts to reach the atrium of the Basilica.

An emergency and ambulance service is available throughout the Basilica, which is alerted by radio link by the staff of the Fabric of Saint Peter. Here is full information on the Basilica’s services for people with disabilities.

Entering the Basilica

The Basilica is a place of prayer. Visitors are asked to observe silence and, in general, to have a respectful behaviour given place. Access to the Basilica begins with the security checks by the Italian State Police: the stations are located in the right hemicycle of Saint Peter's Square looking towards the Basilica. Here pilgrims and prayer-goers have access to the “Prayer Path” gate, marked with yellow signs and manned h12 by the staff of the Fabric of Saint Peter.

Other visits access security controls by queueing on the same side of the hemicycle, with at least four other gates available for Italian State Police controls.