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The restoration operations

Prior to all works, a graphic and photographic documentation of the Baldachin will be carried out (which has been, until now, only partially completed) in order to have a record of its current state. During the intervention, every phase of the process will be documented. The entire process will conclude with a thorough photographic campaign to relate the final state of the work after the restoration.
As per standard procedures, a detailed graphic documentation of each part of the baldachin will be executed in three phases: an initial descriptive phase of the current forms of degradation (visible), an intermediate phase during the works, and, in particular, a final phase in which details of workmanship, construction techniques, elements, and constituent materials can be highlighted.

All recorded information will be presented graphically, using photographs.
Scientific investigations will be carried out in multiple phases by the Scientific Research Office applied to Cultural Heritage of the Vatican Museums. Initially, research will focus on the state of conservation and on degradation phenomena. During the works, the investigations will cover the types of interventions to be carried out. Towards the end, information on execution techniques and constituent materials will be gathered. In the preliminary phase, however, patina samples will be collected in sufficient quantities and from different areas in order to carry out an exploratory analysis of their composition, primarily to understand the degradation phenomena by which they have been affected. In the final phase, alloy and possibly wood samples will be taken for more targeted investigations since all surfaces will be cleaned and easily inspectable.